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We will list the best inventions and products that we can find.
The world is said to be dynamic for the reason that it goes with a lot of changes as time passes by and along with these, people are also undergoing several changes to be able to adapt to a newer environment. The tendency is that people are becoming more innovative and inventive.  
  The main reason why people are becoming innovative and inventive is for two main reasons: adaptation and survival. You cannot hide the fact that since from the very beginning, people are continuously looking for newer things which can become potential ways of providing convenience and with ease. It seems to be endless or indefinite and because of this there are various newest inventions made by different individuals that had led for different purposes and reasons. All aiming for their inventions to become one of the best regarded and ever made invention there is in the world.  
  Every year, there are a lot of new inventions being introduced in the market and with the general public. By showcasing these things, people would know if it is really necessary for day-to- day living or just pieces of no use at all. But then there is still consideration given for the reason that not all people are given the ability to invent things, right? Only a few them who have this mechanism which actually serves as a special gift a person can ever had. They say that a number of great inventions were invented in the year of 2009, so take a peak on the following because these are the inventions comprising the top 10 best inventions of 2009.  

Top 10 Best Inventions of 2009

  1. Ares Rockets of NASA- this is regarded as the best invention of 2009. This is created by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or also known as the NASA based in the United States. The Ares Rockets is said to be a powerful machine which has the capabilities of bringing and launching the human beings into different cosmic destinations. Meaning, there will be greater expansion to human beings to explore and discover there is in space. Preferably in the year 2015, the Ares 1 will be launching a spacecraft similar with the Apollo spacecraft consisting with four members as its carried crew.
  3. Tank- Bred Tuna- scientists’ studies shows that the breeding population of the southern bluefin is drastically decreasing over the past decades; this is the reason why the Australian company which is the Clean Seas decided to operate a bluefin tuna breeding facility located at the Port Lincoln started on March 12. The breeding took place in landlocked tanks and have successfully bred southern bluefins. This is now becoming a possible gateway of helping increase the number of southern bluefins as well as empowering aquaculture legs.
  5. $10 Million- Worth Lightbulb- the L Prize Competition by the U.S. Department of Energy had a goal of finding the best LED alternative to bulbs with 60-watts. This LED alternative will be helping the U.S save electricity a year and will be able to light more than 17.4 million of households without costing them much. The first one who had able to enter the competition is the Philips Electronics. If they will be winning the said competition, they are guaranteed with a federal agreement purchasing the product for $10 million.
  7. Gaming which is Controller- Free- this is specifically known as the Project Natal created by Microsoft. Through this, players are allowed to do the controlling of the game just the use of body movements as well as voice commands without the use of any controller.
  9. Teleportation- it is a little bit of impossible to most of the people but scientists of the University of Maryland’s Joint Quantum Institute had successfully made a teleportation of a certain data coming from an atom to an atom of another. There is not yet any full- body transportation included but then this will be a possible gateway of creating super computers which are ultra- fast in the future.
  11. Smart Thermostat- this is known as a small device called the Energy Hub Dashboard. This has the capabilities of talking wirelessly providing you with the information needed regarding how much gas or electricity the car is consuming as well as how much it costs. It also turns off and on the appliances as well as adjusting the temperature of your house. This small device is just like a dashboard on a modern car. This was already available for customers’ consumption in the year 2010.
  13. Vaccine for Aids- there is no common medication that can treat HIV or aids but it is a different thing when there is already a vaccine that will be fighting against most especially to HIV viruses. These vaccines are showing results which helps in reducing the infection due to these viruses but then studies regarding this is still ongoing meaning scientists are still figuring it out if how these specific vaccine decrease the risks of the said infection. This vaccine is not yet approved yet but then considered as a good start.
  15. Telescope for those invisible stars- viewing invisible stars is now made possible because of the launched Herschel Space Observatory by the European Space Agency. It has the capabilities of scanning the skies and helps in avoiding the interaction with infrared spectrum making celestial bodies visible.
  17. Electric Eye- scientists have developed a microchip which will pave way in helping the blind people to be able to see again by regaining partially their eyesight. Even though this invention has limitations for it will not be bringing back the normal eye sight at least it will provide the blind people the potential of recognizing things and faces. This specific microchip will be implanted to the blind person’s eyeball then will eventually be wearing eyeglasses consisting of tiny cameras that will be transmitting directly the images to the implanted chip.
  19. Easy to Hold Ultrasound- the ultrasound which is a type of imaging tool is now available as small as cellular phone. Through this doctors will be able to look what inside the body of the patient and will be allowing them to see the fluid surrounding the human heart. This is not yet available but still open for improvement.
  The abovementioned top 10 best inventions of 2009 really indeed paved the way to more inventions to the coming years. All of these serve as living proof that individuals are truly gifted when it comes to inventing things and will continuously make newer ones for the welfare of the human being.